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How many times do I and others have to detail how the policies of the Democrat/Liberal party wreak havoc on the uninformed people who elect them.

Here are two more examples brought to you by Democrat elected leaders.

The first comes from the city of Seattle in the state of Washington.  For those of you who would elect people who would do this to their citizens that is not Washington D.C. but the state of Washington on the west coast.  Oh again those of you who would elect politicians like this the west coast is on the left side of the map of the United States if you are looking at one.  You do know your left from your right, right?

Before you get to angry I am just having some fun.  I know you know your left from your right.

As being reported by The Daily Caller, Seattle the city which recently passed a $15 minimum wage has seen a loss of 700 restaurant jobs.  Now before you say it probably is the economy in the state, the rest of the state of Washington has gained 5,800 jobs in that industry already this year.

The loss of 700 jobs is even before the full amount of $15 dollars an hour goes into effect in 2017.

Supporters of the $15 wage inform us that amount will help the poor by allowing them to afford basic necessities.  Let me ask them this, if they do not have a job how will that help them “afford basic necessitates”, oh wait we will take care of that with welfare.

Now on too the second example of Democrat policies hurting the exact people who elect them, brought to us again by The Daily Caller.

Since New York City elected the Mayor, extreme liberal, Bill de Blasio New York City murder rate has spiked 8.3% since last year, rape has increase 5.8 % and misdemeanor sex crimes rocketed upwards a massive 18%.

You were warned but did not listen.

Good luck in those big democrat/liberal run cities.

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