MLive Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa, who has been forecasting Michigan weather for more than 25 years, just wrote a piece published in

He is predicting that Thursday, Sept. 3 could be the hottest temperatures on that date since 1953.

Since 1953!

Wait, CO2 levels were that high back then? So, what happened after 1953? Did we enter some type of cool down phase?

He then included in his article the following record high temperatures for Sept. 3:

  • Detroit -               100°/1953
  • Ann Arbor -         98°/1898
  • Alpena -              98°/1953
  • Marquette -         98°/1933
  • Flint -                   97°/1953
  • Lansing -             97°/1973
  • Jackson -            97°/1913
  • Grand Rapids -   95°/1953
  • Muskegon -         94°/1953
  • Traverse City -    94°/1953
  • Saginaw -            93°/2011
  • Kalamazoo -       92°/2012

What kind of global warming was occurring in 1898? What was causing this global warming?

I do not believe we had canned aerosol deodorant spray and were driving too many automobiles in 1989. In fact the Model T was not introduced until 1908.

Yes, I know there is a difference between global warming and temperatures on a certain day, but in fact it looks like we had record highs on many days and decades

By the way, how did the ice shield that was over the entire state of Michigan melt when there were no people, industry, oil, and automobiles?

Just some passing thoughts.