Getty Images By: Mario Tama

Detroit's water department has told the bankruptcy judge that giving free water service to people who are not paying their bills could be "very devastating" to their budget.

The water department has also stated that it would be violating Michigan law and breaking agreements with their bond holders if they were forced to give free water and ignore overdue bills, attorney Sonal Mithani said.

60% of Detroit residents are paying for water on time.  Would it be unfair to them if Detroit were to do so?

The supporters of giving free water are essentially arguing that "every resident has the inherent right to free water".  As of July 31, 2014 the amount of unpaid water bills in Detroit totaled approximately 86 million dollars.

One Detroit resident who owed approximately $1,100 spending habits were questioned by attorney Thomas O'Brien, who asked about his use of a cellphone.  The resident stated that his sister pays it.

What is fair and unfair?

What do we do with the 40% of Detroit residents who do not pay their water bill on time or at all?

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