Germany is apparently bucking the worldwide trend of sentencing it’s people to sit in the dark while worshiping at the alter of everything greenness. You see the Germans have figured out that windmills for example are a colossal waste of energy, no pun intended but it’s what they have concluded.

According to the Daily Caller-

Germany plans to stop building new wind farms by 2019, gradually turning away from its $1.1 trillion wind power program, according to a Thursday report in Berliner Zeitung.

The government plans to cap the total amount of wind energy at 40 to 45 percent of national capacity, according to the report. By 2019, this policy would cause a massive reduction of 6,000 megawatts of wind power capacity compared to the end of 2015’s capacity.

Has anyone notified Al Gore or Hillary or Bernie or the Hollywood Elite? I mean the nerve of those people to doom our planet to a fiery death just because they think energy is a good thing and more traditional sources like nuclear and coal are far more efficient and cost effective.

Seriously the nerve!