We have all heard and read about bakers who have denied requests by gay couples to partake in their nuptials and bake a wedding cake for their wedding.  The bakers had denied the gay couples request on religious grounds.  What you must know is the bakers would sell them any products they had in their establishment but would not take part in their nuptials.

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting about Ben Borgman, who co-owns Bedlam Coffee in Seattle when Mr. Borgman got into an argument with members of Abolish Human Abortion when he asked the group to take their business elsewhere and denied them service within his establishment.

Prior to their visit to the coffee, Abolish Human Abortion members had reportedly been distributing anti-abortion leaflets with an anti-LGBTQ message around the city.  They were not passing out leaflets at the coffee shop they were there simply to purchase coffee.

Well the coffee shop owner did not like that these people had passed out there leaflets in the past and told them they were not welcomed in his establishment and were denied service.

In the article Mr. Borgman was quoted stating:

I have a right to be offended, so I have a right to say get out

Really, you feel you have the right to deny them service for what they believe, that sounds interesting.

The hypocrisy runs deep with Mr. Borgman and his business.

What is even more interesting is the ACLU and the gay community have remained completely silent on this denial of service.

As I stated the hypocrisy, as it stand today, runs very deep.

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