It's the final day of the legislative session and still no deal on a roads funding plan. Governor Snyder was making the rounds Wednesday pushing for a deal, but despite indications one was imminent, nothing has been agreed least not yet. is reporting that lawmakers met behind closed doors three separate times Wednesday trying to come to an agreement on how to raise the estimated $1.2 billion that Snyder says is needed each year for the next decade to fix the state's crumbling infrastructure.

Snyder told reporters last night that there is reason for optimism.

"We had a very constructive meeting.  I know I've used that word (a lot) but there was positive progress moving things forward."

Snyder and others are opting for a change to a tax based on the wholesale price of gas.  Others, want cuts first before considering a hike.  But now, the burden of how to raise the money could be placed in the hands of voters.

A plan under consideration would allow voters to decide whether to increase the sales tax by a penny.  Some who were on board with that proposal still want lawmakers to act on a funding plan in the event voters turn the issue down.

Democrats say money needs to be ready to go this spring and that any money approved by voters should only enhance what lawmakers enact.

The leaders of the both chambers will be back at it this morning but the article indicates there could be some heated conversations ahead.

"There is no question I think this is an enormous  problem that deserves a thoughtful solution and when you're running up against the clock, it makes it much more difficult," said Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer.  Whitmer adding she is only interested in a "full" solution.

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