Summertime is when Michiganders thrive. We live through those awful cold, snowy winter months just so we can hit the woods, lakes and beaches with our friends and families.


While you could pick the boring and generic option of renting a nearby hotel next to whatever things you want to visit... Lets be honest, no one makes a real memory in a generic room. When was the last time your family reconnected in a Holiday Inn? (Sorry, no shade, you guys are great when I'm staying in a city!)

So, maybe it's time you enjoy a little more of that pure Michigan by renting a cabin

foggy woods
Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

The advantage of renting a cabin is obvious if you plan to be outside, or closer to tourist areas. You'll have a shorter commute a lot of time. You'll also get some pretty amazing views.

Not to mention they are cheaper and they give you more room. For the price of several hotel rooms, you and your favorite people could stay in an entire place to yourselves!


Plus, you can avoid the weird eye contact with someone else's neighbors while you're having your morning coffee outside on the porch, which is what happens every single time my husband and I rent a regular home on air b&b.

These cabins are great, and still available as of publishing, so make sure you snag your reservation before they're gone. And if somehow you miss one of these deals, make sure you check out airbnb, vrbo, and Expedia for a few additional ideas.

10 Michigan Cabins That Are Still Available For This Summer

These Michigan cabin rentals are still available for select weeks this summer, grab one before your family is left staying in a boring hotel room on your trip.

Here are links so you can view/reserve each of these properties:

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