One thing that tourists and vacationers have in common are postcards.

No, not all of them send these to their family and friends back home, but many do. It doesn't matter if we actually buy them or not - at one time or another, we've just stood there and read them...right?

Many of these postcards stray away from the usual countryside setting, or place of interest in an attempt to make “funny” postcards.

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These cards could have a humorous photo, a risque' joke, a cartoon quip, etc.....some of them even have something to do with the town you bought it in. And many of them are just plain generic, with humor that would work in any city, town, village, hamlet, or community in the country.

The cards are usually found on stand-up racks in a shop that sells cheap souvenirs: rubber snakes, fake beads, plastic hatchets, corn-cob 'toilet paper', Indian feathers, rubber bugs, rubber rats & bats, sweatshirts, t-shirts, candy in a bag that look like rocks, Moo-Cow know the places I'm referring to.

It gets to a point where you've seen all these postcard jokes before, but for some questionable reason, we buy 'em and send 'em anyway. Some folks save 'em, some people collect 'em...but most of us have at least bought one of those “wish you were here” cards with some attempt at humor made by the postcard writer.

The gallery below shows a whole bunch of these postcards – from, bought, and sent in Michigan. These cards date from the 1800s to 1953 and just goes to prove how successful these little collectables have been since your great-great-great-great-great grandparents' time.

Funny Michigan Postcards: 1800s-1950s


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