I first want to say this is not a Democrat or Republican issue for me.

This is an issue of principal.

It is not even an issue of cost with me, I am sure the cost would be minimal.

Again it is an issue of principal.

Should we as taxpayers pay for citizen’s transportation to vote?

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that any customer who has a valid voter registration card will be able to ride for free to the voting polls, via the Capital Area Transportation Authority (CATA).

Let us put aside the fact that they are now expecting that a bus driver must determine what is and is not a valid voter registration card.  Will the bus driver even care to verify it, should they be put in that position?

I am told by many, including the media that there are many private groups that offer free transportation to the voter polls, I am ok with that as long as they do not pay the voter to vote.

Should this not be left to the private organizations and groups to address?

What about the voter who has no method of transportation to get to the polls but does not live near a bus route.

What are your thoughts?

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