Another Michigan resident has died from the mosquito-borne virus, known as the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).

Stan Zalner, the 79-year-old out of Battle Creek died on Wednesday after contracting EEE. Daughter, Ronna Bagent told WMMT-TV that her father was hospitalized back in September due to flue like symptoms. Doctors went on later confirm it was EEE through blood tests.

Nine cases of EEE have been confirmed in humans in the southern/southwestern ares of Michigan counties. Over 30 animals have died after contracting the disease.

State health officials announced they will be spraying in Calhoun and nearly 10 other counties in low-flying aircrafts. The pesticides inside the aircrafts, kill adult mosquitoes on contact.

You can find prevention tips from the Centers Of Disease Control at this link.

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