Former Michigan Republican Governor William Milliken proving again today that he won't be swayed by party politics..

The Associated Press is reporting that the 92-year-old announced in a statement today that he is endorsing Democrat Mark Totten in the run for Michigan Attorney General.

He claimed that the Michigan State University associate law professor has broad experience that makes him "highly qualified" for the job.

The endorsement today is just the latest blow to the GOP.   Last week, Milliken, who served as governor from 1969 through 1982, endorsed Democratic Congressman Gary Peters in the U. S. race to take the seat being vacated by Senator Carl Levin.

There has been no reported reaction from Republican U. S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land or Attorney General Bill Schuette on the endorsements.

Milliken says the state is "badly in need of ethics reform in government" prompted him decisions.

He has, however, put his support behind fellow Republican Governor Rick Snyder in his reelection bid.

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