This is one of those, "we were just talking about this the other day" stories. We were talking about the vaccine, getting the shot, and how Lansing's current Mayor Andy Schor was under scrutiny for seemingly getting the shot ahead of people.

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Lansing Mayor Andy Schoor, Virg Bernero Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
Lansing Mayor Andy Schoor, Virg Bernero
Credit: McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor and 200 other city employees got the COVID-19 vaccine early, which Ingham County's top health official called an "error." (Lansing State Journal)

That spiraled into the story about the Lansing firefighter (Michael Lynn Jr.) who got fired for sharing the Police Chief's personal phone number on social media. And HIS beef with the Mayor (Schor), Police Chief, and Fire Department.

"This is pure retaliation by Chief Green, Mayor Schor, and the Lansing Fire Department administration," Lynn said in a statement released through his attorney. (Fox47News)

So with all the bad press Schor has been getting (especially over this firing), it's been rumored for a little while that former mayor Virg Bernero (who has already served 3 terms) would possibly be seeking another term. Schor has been taking a lot of heat and for a former mayor to sit in judgment of him, this would seem to be the perfect platform to launch a campaign against an opponent against the ropes. Strike now while the iron is hot. The Angry Mayor could be ready for a comeback.

That train could be derailed before it's even left the station. It's an accusation of sexual harassment. It's happening in New York with Governor Andrew Cuomo and now a second former aide stepping forward.

Closer to home in Lansing, it's two women with accusations of touching and more. According to an exclusive from the Lansing City Pulse:

Two former Lansing-area women have accused Virg Bernero of sexual harassment and unwanted touching as the former Lansing mayor contemplates running for a fourth term.

One woman was an employee for House Democrats when she said Bernero, who was then mayor, approached her on Washington Square in downtown Lansing in 2010 and groped her in front of her intern. Another said Bernero made unwanted sexual phone calls to her in 2004 while he was a state senator. (Lansing City Pulse)

That's a fly in the ointment. Again these are serious allegations and a developing story.

Bernero has issued an apology. Read the full story from the Lansing City Pulse.

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