Virg is back, and looking to run for a fourth term as Mayor of Lansing. Now he is changing his story on sexual harassment accusations, outright denying them and calling them “character assassination” Former Mayor Bernero was a guest on 1240 WJIM’s Big Show with Michael Patrick Shiels, and stated he was “damn close” to kicking off his mayoral campaign for 2021 against current mayor Andy Schor. 

Lansing City Pulse reports Former Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is changing his tune on recent sexual accusations “And just in time for that, the character assassination has begun,” Bernero told Shiels. “Let me be clear: I’ve never accosted or groped anyone on Washington Avenue or anywhere else against their will. This did not happen. If these charges were true, I wouldn’t vote for me.”


Bernero has been accused of sexual harassment by two former Lansing women, one saying he groped her in 2010 in downtown Lansing, and the other one said in 2004 he made unwanted sexual phone calls while being a state senator. The Mayor does not recall the incidents, and said the alleged was unacceptable and wrong, and he apologized for any pain caused.“I don’t believe that we should be defined by our past mistakes,” Bernero said.


Lansing City Pulse reports “The people of Lansing know who I am. I have a 30-year track record. This sudden turnabout? You know, I have a record of results. Not everyone liked my style. I understand that. And look, I’m a better man today. I’m not running as a perfect man, but I’m a better man.” “I think the truth will win out here,” Bernero told Shiels . 

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Several politicians and activists have stated they are not so sure the former Mayors mistakes are totally in the past. Anyway you look at it, this should be an interesting mayoral election coming up here in Lansing.

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