Well, we've gone through a couple of chilly days. But, good news is, the cold spell has come and gone. Warmer weather is already here! The Lansing area is going to be in the 60's the next few days and according to the National Weather Service, we'll hit 79 on Tuesday, April 27.

We're not going to be in the high 70s all week, but hey, it's better than low 40s.

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Michigan's coldest April temperature

According to The Washington Post, our coldest April weather in certain parts of Michigan was in 2018 when Stambaugh in the U.P. hit minus-24.

Following those dates were in 1982 and 2003 with minus-17 and 7 degrees.

Did you know that cold weather affects Michigan fruit trees?

If the weather is cold enough, the blossoms on the fruit trees can frost over and die. If this happens, fruit like apples, peaches and blueberries will not grow.

Steve Tennes, the owner of The Country Mill in Charlotte, told WLNS that fans can be used to distribute warm air in order to keep the buds warm.

What's the average temperate for spring in Lansing?

Come spring time, Weather Spark says the area usually floats between the 50s and 60s. Low temperatures can range from the 30s to 40s. We've gotten pretty lucky this April and experienced some weather in the high 70s.

Just how cold/hot has the Lansing area gotten in previous years?

MLive says that in February 1868, Lansing hit a record low of minus-37. Well, I'm glad I wasn't around to experience that. Unfortunately, I was around to experience the hottest time in history. In July 2012, we reached 103 degrees.

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