I warn you, this story is beyond disturbing.

Jordan Gruno of Flint, is facing several animal cruelty charges, after it was discovered that one of her dogs was eating the remains of another dog to survive. Are you effing kidding me?

According to ABC 12, officers went to the house after receiving a tip. When police arrived at the home in a neighborhood off on Fenton Road, officers actually witnessed the malnourished Husky, eating the corpse of a pit bull. You will see how thin the Husky is in the video above,the poor dogs ribs are sticking out.

A big shout out to whoever it was that tipped off police, and additional thanks to Sheriff Pickell and his team. If you know of any animals being abused, say something. I certainly hope the Husky makes a full recovery, and is placed with a family that will truly care for her and or him.

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