Approaching Autumn, a metal band from Flint, Michigan, has allegedly become the first band to have their name flown over the pyramids of Egypt. They are etching their names in the history books after getting some help from a few special skydiving friends.

Ehrin Huhn and Mike Heil are the plane-jumping daredevils who brought this dream to life. Heil owns Aerial Marketing Productions and used his connections to make the most of the opportunity, not taking the term "go big or go home" lightly.

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Approaching Autumn was established back in 2008 and has been providing head-banging hits ever since. They dropped an album this year by the name of "Homecoming" and their hit single "Beware The Ides Of March" is embedded below for a sneak peek! This album has eight metal banging songs with "Breathe" and "It Felt Wrong Not To Swing" coming in as the most streamed songs.

Mike and Ehrin took off to Cairo, Egypt, where they would be taking Approaching Autumn to new heights. As they jumped from thousands of feet in the air and pulled their parachutes, those wouldn't be the only things slowing them down and waving in the sky.

This post on Facebook shows them descending through the air with their parachutes already deployed and the humungous Approaching Autumn banner waving in the distance! You can also see one of the many pyramids that are native to Egypt in the background.

They also had giant flags of the Approaching Autumn name and logo attached to their backs, blowing in the wind behind them. As they floated across the sky, passing over the pyramids, they turn themselves into human blimps. What better publicity can you get than a human billboard, am I right?

I'm going to have to double-check and see if they truly are the first band to ever have their names flown over the Egyptian pyramids, which would also make them at this time the only band to do so. Is this considered a Guinness World Record? Are there other World Records they could apply for?

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