The mayor of Flint thanks President Obama for agreeing with Governor Snyder and declaring Flint’s water crisis a federal emergency situation.

According to an article in com she was quoted saying the following:

“We can finally start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and we will continue to stay positive, we have to stick together and that way we can continue to move Flint forward.”

The emergency declaration means that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) can provide assistance for up to 90 days for resources including water, filters, replacement cartridges and test kits for residents.

Now federal resources totaling up to $5 million can be used for federal emergencies, with Michigan requited to match 25%.

Hopefully with all these resources we can resolve Flint’s water crisis and help the people of Flint.

By the way Democrat candidate for President, Senator Bernie Sanders, called on Governor Snyder to resign over Flint water crisis.  Really Senator Sanders, I have never heard you once call for the resignation of President Obama for all of the crises he has caused both nationally and internationally, i.e. constitutional crisis in American and Syria internationally.

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