James Drake - Getty Images

I was watching college football over the weekend and must admit how much I love the game. It reminds me of the days I walked in the yard as a kid throwing the ball in the air daydreaming about game winning touchdowns and beating the best teams around. It reminded me of the days I did play in high school and college. I drifted back in time and remembered the smell of the ball, the grass and the concession stand.

Unfortunately I cannot enjoy the games the way I have in years past. You see I wonder what the expansion of Islamic State or Russia or China will mean to future football Saturdays. I am concerned that there are too many threats on our doorstep and too many distractions that too many of us are looking at something else while the threat grows.

I am worried that our President is too overwhelmed or disengaged or frankly incompetent to help lead us back from the brink.

I will watch some more football next weekend I’m sure but I cannot enjoy it as much as I used to.