Here we are again, with differing opinions of opening some of the businesses affected by health concerns from the pandemic. Gyms want to open their doors and get back to business, and many of their customers agree. They have been closed for several months due to the Governor’s executive order.

A lawsuit was filed by the league of independent fitness facilities. Last Friday a U.S. District judge for the western district of Michigan, Judge Paul Maloney ruled the gyms could reopen on Thursday June 25th. ClickonDetroit reports on the judges ruling,

Defendants have not demonstrated serious questions going to the merits or irreparable harm that decidedly outweighs the harm that will be inflicted on others if the stay is granted, a court document says. Therefore, the balance of the factors again falls in the plaintiff’s favor, and the court concludes that its June 19, 2020, order should not be stayed pending appeal.

Governor Whitmer’s office has indicated they are fighting that ruling. She’s not happy about gyms reopening this week. Her office released this statement:

With this ruling, the court is playing a dangerous role it should not play: second-guessing and upending the data informed decisions that have saved thousands of lives in Michigan.

Some gyms in the Detroit area have already gone ahead and reopened. It appears only time will tell what the final outcome will be. I’m sure the Governor’s office is working hard right now to appeal the court’s decision. The Governor is fielding pushback from many directions right now as the state is slowly reopened.

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