Democratic Missouri state Rep. Bruce Franks Jr., elected by Democrats protest during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The St. Louis Patch is reporting about Bruce’s protest when he raised his hand in a fist during the Pledge of Allegiance last week at the opening of the Missouri legislature's 2018 session.

In fact he told the AP he prefers:

to pledge allegiance to the people

He then stated that black people from his area

are disproportionately affected by a lot of things.

A few things you must know about Bruce, he was arrested last November for leading an anti-Black Friday protest meant to “shut down” a local mall. This pillar of society a month before that was among more than 140 protesters who blocked a local highway as part of a protest against police violence.

That is what he built his resume on in which Democrats in St. Louis thought he would be a great candidate as a Democrat. Very telling about a party, ideologue and people who would vote a person like this on to lead them at the state level.

Protesting is fine but why do you have to ruin everybody’s day by shutting down a highway when people are just attempting to go to work or just get home after a long day. Also why shut down a mall which shuts down companies thus people make less money and pay the life blood of people like Bruce and that is taxes.

When are more moderate Democrats going to realize that their party has been hijacked by extremist radicals? When they do, we can come together and move this country forward not backwards.

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