Wasn't it just 70 degrees this weekend? Well get ready for the cool down to happen and the snow to get closer to us. The winter is still two months away but it is Michigan so snow can and will fall near us in the Fall and that is what is happening this week.

The forecast is calling for colder air to come to lower Michigan this week, which will make it cold enough for snow to fall and stick. According to MLive, the cold-enough-for-snow air makes it into northern Lower Michigan this week and will be here in 3 rounds.  The first wave of cold will come next Friday, with the second wave of cold next Monday, and third round by the middle of next week.

When the cold air hits the Lansing area, we will be seeing highs in the 50s and temperatures will continue to fall. Along with the temperature drop, we could be seeing some rain-snow showers during the day and some snowflakes at night. Lake effect snow could be an issue as well as you drive or live west of Lansing. This snow talk is about 3 weeks ahead of when we normally see it, and you can see more on the forecast here.

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