Michigan residents have  been hit with wave after wave of campaign ads--many nasty--but you might be surprised just how much money is being spent--especially in the governor's race.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting results of a study by a non-partisan group that shows more than 19,000 ads been airing already, placing the state 8th in the nation in terms of money spent on ad buys.

The data, released by the Center for Public Integrity, found more than 9 and a half million dollars was spent as of September 8th and that Governor Snyder and his democratic challenger Mark Schauer spent most of the money on televisions campaigns.

The group tapped stats from Kantar Media/CMAG in making its ranking.

The breakdown also indicates that the camps spent $1.31 per likely voter.  That is the 17th highest in the country.  The article indicates Rhode Island and Pennsylvania governor candidates spent just under 4 dollars per voter in their competitive primary races.

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