The kidnapping plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer seems like something right out of a movie but it is real and the feds need more time to process evidence.

According to FOX 17, the six men that were federally charged with conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer are remaining in jail while their cases have been put on hold. There is so much evidence in this case to go through the feds say they need more time.

Kidnapping anyone is a serious offense, but a public official seems even more over the top.

From the piles of evidence gathered by federal agents, only a limited amount has been revealed to the public.

It looks like there is a lot of audio evidence that shows the defendants rapidly reloading assault weapons. Even the alleged mastermind from right here in Grand Rapids, Adam Fox, was showing off the taser he planned to zap Whitmer with. Fox also had designed the plans to kidnap the governor before the November 3rd election.

Evidence that investigators are going through range from computers, cell phones, possible illegal firearms and explosives. Depending on what the feds ATF find out, these could all lead to even more charges.

Could you imagine having to sit through hundreds of hours of audio recordings of these men planning this kidnapping plot? I think this would be very interesting. Well that is exactly what the feds are doing.

I'm still shocked to learn that this was planned for our states governor. I get disagreeing with someone's views or actions but to plot a kidnapping is really unthinkable. I really wonder if they thought they were really going to get away with this. How could they not think the state wouldn't use all its firepower from a local, state and even federal level to take these guys down if they would have succeeded. That's the part that blows me away - what were they thinking the outcome was really going to be?

Give of the six men remain in custody and looking at life if convicted. The sixth man is awaiting is in Delaware but will be extradited to Michigan once his court date is set.

I wonder how long it will take for a movie to be made about this? I know I would watch it.

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