This in interesting and yet another waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

The Washington Free Beacon is thankfully informing us about one of our bureaucracy’s that waster a lot of our taxpayer dollars, the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Now the NIH is spending $270,000 to fund "talking circles" to fight alcoholism.

The beneficiary of this rainfall is Washington State University who have received our tax dollars to study the Native American practice of people sitting in a circle and listening "with their heart," while using a talking stick to speak.

The project that is being funded is called the "Randomized Clinical Trial of Harm Reduction Talking Circles for Urban American Indians and Alaska Natives with Alcohol Use Disorders”.  Here is the kicker, they will spend our tax dollars but will not ask the alcoholic participants to drink less but will "accept people where they're at."

I have no problem attempting to combat alcoholism, it destroys people’s lives and families.  Here is my problem, we already have something just like these “talking circles” it is called Alcoholics Anonymous or AA to many of us.

Just another example of waste, fraud and abuse committed by our elected politicians.

Have you had enough yet?

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