It looks like tens of thousands of residents in Michigan who "thought" they were signed up for Medicaid as part of the Affordable Care Act, better hope they don't need medical attention anytime soon.

Info from feds incomplete

The Detroit News is reporting that they don't have coverage yet despite many signing up when the website went online back in October. But now word that those applications couldn't be fully processed because they were never completed.

The report indicates that the State of Michigan is waiting for completed forms to be returned from the federal government.  A job that should have been done months ago, but as with the implimentation of the website, is woefully behind schedule.

Michigan is not alone in the problem.  States across the country that opted to take part in the government run website are suffering the same fate.

It's likely, according to sources, that most if not all of the estimated 84,000 in the state allowed to apply for Medicaid due to income level, could have to go through the process again.