According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), the Obama administration and the Democrat Party spent $3.7 billion on "Obamacare" — and does not have any idea where your tax dollars went.

Does that make you a bit upset?

According to the audit performed by the GAO they concluded that “CMS’s processes are inconsistent with certain federal accounting and internal control standards.”

When is enough enough?

When will you stand up and not take it anymore?

CMS’s Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight, told the government auditors that they did not keep track of the taxpayer dollars they spent on many of their activities and programs. They could not even verify their staff's salaries or travel expenses.

“After promising transparency and then ignoring repeated requests from Congress, we now find out that the administration is not even keeping track of how many taxpayer dollars are going out the door,” said Republican Rep. Dave Camp, who requested the audit, in a statement. “Worse yet, the administration won’t even account for how much it spent on public relations campaigns promoting their unpopular law.”

This is unacceptable by any administration and political party.  Vote these incompetent bums out.

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