I have been voicing my concern for our son’s on college campuses for a few years now.  My concern comes from the fact that our college campuses and universities have becoming so liberal, and due to that are not concerned about due process of law when it comes to accusations of sexual harassment and assault.

Let me first inform you of the most recent example of false allegations that occurred at Clemson University then remind you of one that occurred here in Michigan at Delta College near Bay City Michigan.

The Oconee County Sheriff's Office in a statement informed us about another female falsely claiming that she was raped by a fellow student.  She was arrested by the South Carolina’s Oconee County Sheriff’s Office and charged her for filing a false police report of a felony.

The female student Sarah Campbell, reported that another student raped her in January at the Delta Chi Fraternity House. After investigation into this alleged rape the Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) of the Oconee Sheriff’s Office concluded the sexual act actually did occur but was consensual.

The sheriff’s statement stated:

The investigation continued and evidence was gathered in the case; and based upon that evidence, it was determined that the sexual relations between Campbell and the male at the Fraternity House was consensual and that Campbell had not been truthful in the information that she provided to the investigator in the case

In another case of a women falsely stated she was raped right here in Michigan Mlive reported back in 2017 that a 21-year-old woman claimed she was attacked and raped in a Delta College parking lot. Delta College is located by Bay City Michigan. After the police performed a lengthy investigation, the woman finally confessed to making up the entire story.

Police stated the women informed them that the suspect was an acquaintance of hers and she had been raped at an apartment in Saginaw Township. She said didn’t give consent because she was too intoxicated.

The women apologized for the confusion and said she did not want her acquaintance prosecuted, court records show.

She was arraigned on one count of false report of a felony. That felony is punishable by up to four years of imprisonment and a $2,000 fine.

I support any woman who has been sexually harassed or assaulted to have the courage to come forward and I would stand right next to her in her quest for justice.  We just need to be aware that there are times when our son’s and other men are accused of sexual harassment and or assault and never committed the offenses.  Does that mean that women should not come forward?  No, not all, it just means that we should demand that our colleges and police force do a thorough investigation, like the examples I gave you, before we put our son’s and other men through this hell.

Of particular concern are America’s college campuses where more and more of them seem to be forgetting about due process.  Even the Washington Post agrees with me when they published an article stating that due process matters.

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