Crossing the Mackinac Bridge is perfect weather is harrowing enough for some people. Imagine a crossing in an intense winter storm - one with ice falling from the tall bridge superstructures. That's the scenario this driver faced today (2/24/19).

The bridge ended up closed intermittently while a strong storm system passed through the Straits region, and when the bridge was open to traffic, vehicles required escorts.

The photos of the truck damage were shared by the Keyhole Bar & Grill on Facebook with this caption:

This is what happens when a chunk of ice falls from 200 feet on the Mackinac Bridge and hits a vehicle. Hence, the reason it is closed right now.

Imagine the speed and velocity of the ice missile falling from that huge distance. The driver, who arrived safe in Mackinac City shares this about the unnerving experience:

It is my truck- oh yes it scared me for sure. I could see chucks falling while we were just getting onto the bridge. I am surprised it wasn’t closed sooner....If I had a passenger it could have killed them for sure. A couple more feet to the left and it could have killed me.

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