The days are getting shorter, and fall is right around the corner. We got lucky this year; weather wise anyway. The pandemic has not been a lot of fun, but we have been blessed with some nice weather and an early spring this year. We warmed up early, and have enjoyed several hot 90-degree days, and about the right amount of rain. After a stretch of 90’s it’s cooled down a bit this week. But now the temperatures are rising again daily and we will top out at 89 by Monday in Mid-Michigan, then we will trend down again.

On Tuesday September 22nd, the autumnal equinox is the official start of fall. These heat waves we have been seeing are expected to continue. Accuweather reports “The prolonged summerlike warmth will not just be limited to the big cities. Areas farther inland across the Northeast and westward over the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes could experience spells of record-challenging warmth during the first half of autumn. This could include Cleveland, Detroit, and Cincinnati.

There is a good chance we may not have any snow and will not need to wear winter coats until Halloween. Forecasters are watching La Nina, which could help amplify the jet stream in October and November, that could lead to an active weather pattern across the plains. If you are planning a trip to view the fall colors this year, they will be about two weeks behind schedule. Some may not like the extended warmth, but this could prove to be beneficial for some businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One positive of the warmer first half of autumn, is the ability of continuing to dine outdoors at your favorite eatery.


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