It's something I've already taken notice of here in Michigan, and maybe you have as well... I'm talking about the fact it is getting darker out, earlier and earlier.

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We already know summer is done, and I may be willing to gain an hour of sleep. But not really willing to lose it again next Spring.

What is Daylight Savings?


You have probably heard the DST was originally implemented to help farmers, however, it has been shown to introduce challenges when springing the clocks forward or backward. Farmers actually are one of the biggest groups against DST, and there are a lot of those here in Michigan.

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DST was first implemented in the United States back in 1918, and used as a measure during World War I, to help add more daylight to each day. Yet again, it was implemented during World War II. Afterwards, DST was optional pur jurisdiction. It wasn't until 1974, that DST was a common occurrence in Michigan and across the country.

Is DST Ending Possible In Michigan?

You may recall seeing a bill back in March of 2022, called the Sunshine Protection Act. If passed, the law would have made DST permanent... no more springing forward or jumping back. Just simply peace...

Of course, it passed unanimously through the House but later expired in the U.S. House in June 2022.

Wasn't There A Loop-Hole Michigan Was Looking Into?

Yes, in fact, House Bill 4052 would've allowed us to Spring forward, however... (love the however, don't we), Federal Law still stands in the way. Unless the Unifrom Time Act of 1966 gets repealed, states cannot simply establish their own laws...

So, even if a bill were to pass here for Michigan, we'd still be stuck waiting for the Government to make its next chess move... Not sure we'd see one either.

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