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How do you insist that our airports are safe but you failed 95% of tests to prove we are safe?

I will tell you how, you are a government agency who does not deal in reality.

As being reported by ABC News, Homeland Security Red Teams posed as passengers who tried to get by TSA check points with explosives or banned weapons and did so at a success rate of 95%.

Yes TSA failed to detect explosives and banned weapons 95% of the time and then came out with a statement insisting our nation’s airports are safe.

This is the leadership we have at the TSA, one that cannot accept reality?

We have spent hundreds of billions for this?

According to a Homeland Security Inspector General’s report the TSA agents fail 67 out of 70 tests.

It does not stop there.  According the ABC News report “In one test an undercover agent was stopped after setting off an alarm at a magnetometer, but TSA screeners failed to detect a fake explosive device that was taped to his back during a follow-on pat down.”

The Homeland security officials believe our nation’s airports are safe because of what they say are multiple layers of security including bomb sniffing dogs and other technologies seen and unseen.

What more can we say?

All of this time wasted at the airports and they fail 95% of the time.

I do not expect perfection but I do expect something less than total collapse of the system.

The question now is what to do about it?

Is the TSA still needed?

What are your thoughts?

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