You spent all that time, money, and research but what's the one thing everyone remembered or asked about?

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Sweet Baby Ray's.

Thanks Zuck.

I missed the announcement but I've seen the reactions.

Apparently, Facebook changed its name or something to...META? There's going to be rebranding, augmented reality, blah blah blah.

There was a presentation and people were definitely not bored to tears with it nor did they really get it.

The one question most people had was not about the name change, platform, social media, or Zuckerberg at all.

Everyone wanted to know, what was up with this?!?

Everybody saw it.


Who brought the sauce?

You've got questions, we've got answers.

According to some internet sleuthing, it appears that Zuckerberg’s love for Sweet Baby Ray’s goes deep and was first revealed in an early Facebook Live presentation where, according to this Ceros article that chronicles the whole thing, he uttered the word “meats” about 13 times in a single video and name-dropped the sauce constantly. (UPROXX)

But did you see the video?

And holy crap if you dig long enough, the internet will definitely give you some gold. I did not know that they did indeed SONGIFY Mark Zuckerberg. This is gonna get stuck in your head. And now I want barbecue.

I wonder if there is some crazy product placement deal happening here? We know he's a fan but why would he have that as a bookend? And he had to have known folks would focus on that. Was that part of the plan? Is he just weird? And most importantly we just gotta know...


Are we really saying goodbye to Facebook and calling it Meta?

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