Ask any man and he'll likely say women talk more.  In fact, most women might agree with that.  But a new study on the topic has yielded some interesting results. is reporting that a study done by Northeastern University in Boston actually used technical devices called sociometers to determine if the premise is true.  It found that women were only slightly more talkative than men in social situations.

The study involved a an academic setting of 79 participants, slightly more represented by males than females.   All the women participated in a lunch break setting , while only 16 men did.

Despite the high representation, the study found women were only 'slightly' more likely to converse in the lunch break setting than their male counterparts.  But women were much more likely to talk than men in the academic setting despite being outnumbered.

The conclusion, however, was limited to small groups.  Researchers noted that when the group grew to six or more, then men were found to do most of the talking.

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