Two so called human rights experts from the United Nations have been in Detroit for a few days and denouncing the city for having the nerve to shut off utilities for those who don’t pay their bill.

Ummm what?

You see Detroit- the bankrupt city that 50 years ago was the wealthiest in America- decided to turn off water to people who don’t pay their bills. Crazy right? I mean why pay bills? After all President Obama and his socialist, progressive friends have taught us all that being successful in America is evil and those at the lower end of the economic spectrum are entitled to everything you work for. “You didn’t build that” as you already well know and frankly you should be ashamed of working the way you do in the first place. How dare you harness your talents and expect to keep the fruits of your labor.

I mean who the hell do you think you are working hard and expecting something in return? Clearly you need to sit down ring up the UN Utopia socialists and demand a free house, free car, free phone, cable, internet, food, liquor, weed, clothes and anything else people that work earn for themselves. Anything short of giving everything to everyone all of the time for free would be a clear violation of peoples human rights!

Thank God the UN is here to identify and declare the human rights violations in Michigan and in America. Thankfully they are not wasting their time in such wonderful places like New Delhi, or Shanghai and Moscow looking for violations of human rights. I feel so much better… now hand me the damn remote and grab us some beers!