The hits keep coming and and coming and coming and as I have been saying they are making it easier for parents to really start digging into the colleges that their young budding adult goes to college.  These colleges, universities, and their “professors” continue to fall further down the rabbit hole.

A big thanks goes out to the Washington Free Beacon for putting these insane acts by “professors” and colleges:

We first start with the University of Rhode Island which has decided to remove two murals depicting WWII veterans after the school’s administration received complaints that the individuals depicted in the murals are "predominantly white." The College Fix

Then we have the Washington Free Beacon informing us that Administrators at Northwestern University Law School confessing their  racism in an online diversity training session.  If so why hasn’t the school fired them?

Campus Reform is reporting on a Syracuse University professor by the name of Mark Rupert who warned students that he would not tolerate conservative and Republican perspectives in his classroom.  He the specifically pointed out students who support President Donald Trump’s "hateful ideas."  He is still employed at the school, so much for Syracuse

The Washington Free Beacon informs us of the University of Michigan-Dearborn apologizing for its framing of two online events that appeared to be segregated by race, claiming their initial descriptions were misleading.

You might not even believe this one but aUniversity of Rhode Island professor Eric Loomis said there was "nothing wrong with" the murder of right-wing protester Aaron "Jay" Danielson "from a moral perspective" because, he claimed, Danielson was a fascist. Thanks to the Campus Reform for informing us of this very disturbed person who is still employed by the University.

Then Fox News tells us about San Francisco State University hosting terrorist Leila Khaled, who participated in a plane hijacking in 1969, for a panel on "Gender, Justice, and Resistance" on Sept. 23.

This is why I consistently inform parents to be very concerned with the troubled individuals that call themselves professors and the sad colleges that employ them.

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