Fox News- you know the one maligned daily by the crusaders of all things good and pure like Al Sharpton, Alec Baldwin and Bill Maher, is expanding it’s reach and ratings dominance to all new heights.

In fact Fox notched it’s 53rd consecutive quarter total audience win and enjoyed a 10% primetime rise among adults 25-54. Fox has more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. I guess that vast right wing conspiracy is alive and well at Nielsen, the nations premier ratings company.

By comparison MSNBC is plunging to all new depths of irrelevance with ratings so low it almost makes Keith Olbermann seem like a good idea and Olbermann is never a good idea, for any self respecting network anyway. Don’t be surprised if you hear Keith’s name bantered about soon.

MSNBC saw a 39% drop in the key demo compared to the same time last year. And it’s worst showing since W. was still getting settled in to his second term. Ad to that disaster the fact that CNN is growing and posted it’s fourth consecutive win over the ultra liberal network. I mean after all this is an alleged news organization that thinks Al Sharpton is actually a Reverend and deserves his own ‘news’ program.

How bad is it at the People’s Republic Progressive flagship? Well all three of their anchor offerings in Prime Time are suffering all time lows in viewership. Shows hosted by Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell have all made themselves perfectly comfortable in obscurity. All three have just recorded numbers so bad that none have been lower since all three of their respective programs debuted on the network.

But hey there is always Chris Matthews and Hardball right? Sure whatever your Marxist heart wishes for. No actually Chris took a spectacular ratings tumble too and recorded his lowest numbers in almost a decade.

It is clearly time to rename Hayes program All in with Chris Hayes to the much more timely; All in the Lifeboat with MSNBC.

Doesn’t even seem fair to mention that CNN’s sister network HLN, that pretty much runs garbage in Prime Time also beat MSNBC for the fourth quarter in a row?

Anybody got a life jacket? Sorry Rev you may just need to pray because the water is coming in awfully fast.