Students who say they have felt threatened in recent weeks due to their race are taking those concerns to the administration.

Junior student Rian Brown started the hashtag #UnsafeAtK on social media Tuesday along with two others to let people know she and other minorities say they feel threatened.

“Black and brown bodies" on campus do not feel safe for several reasons she says. Brown said their requests for an intercultural center on campus, which she said would be ‘a safe place’ for them has been denied.

The concerns all stem from an alleged incident in which she claims a student who supports the second amendment asked student government to support a move for students to carry concealed weapons on campus. Brown claims after she and other said no, the student allegedly showed them an empty holster. She says she later resigned her position. She also indicated the incident was racially motivated but didn’t explain why.

Kalamazoo College spokesman Jeff Palmer said he heard about the alleged incident and said the campus security searched the room and car of the student with his permission and found no weapons.

So is an empty holster a racist sign? I certainly cannot figure out how Brown and others reached that conclusion- what do you think?

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