Hard to believe it’s been a year since the pandemic began, a very tough year for most American's and around the world. The economy has suffered big time by businesses and workers. Hundreds of thousands of metro Michiganders found themselves out of work, and far too many are still looking for a gig.

I lost my Job in Detroit on April 2nd, last year, and I was blessed to end up here in Lansing the following September.  I was was in Florida all summer, and it was nice, but was always worried about finding my next radio opportunity. So many people lost their jobs in Broadcasting last year.

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The unemployment rate for Michigan in December - the most recent month with numbers available - was 7.5%. The unemployment rate in Metro Detroit is the highest in Michigan at just over 10%. For context, the national unemployment for December was 6.7%.


Online jobs postings that would like applicants to have a high school diploma or vocational training were down about 6.5%, and check this out, it was down 23% for jobs that want an associate degree, according to fox47.com

The good news is it will get better soon. There are companies hiring now, and the job market is expected to grow in the next year.

With e-commerce doing great during the pandemic, companies like Amazon are looking for workers for warehouse, and package delivery positions..  Apply here with indeed.com.

They start at $15 an hour with flexible work schedules to include working four days, 10-hour shifts and full benefits.  Good days ahead kids.

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