I receive many interesting emails each week from my great listeners.  I wanted to share some of these with you.  I have decided to put up an email of the week as a blog so you could read and think about the perspective of one of you: a listener.

The first one of these comes from a listener named Zach who lives in the Kalamazoo area, and has given permission to publish his email in one of my blogs..

It is as follows:

From Zach Kzoo Renk

Been listening today on your Free Speech Friday.

A lot of talk this week has been on "Anchor Babies" and illegal aliens. Earlier this week, I heard a liberal politician make a pretty compelling plead against sending "them" back.  I paraphrase what he said, but it was along the lines of "it is simply inhumane to send undocumented immigrants back, especially those who were born here." It really tugged at my heart, but as I thought about it intellectually vs. emotionally, here is the analogy I came up with:

Say a man and his family are very poor. They are barely getting by. He looks at his poor babies and thinks "I have got to do something. My family deserves better."

He gets a weapon, puts on a mask and robs a bank. He takes the stolen money and buys his kids much better food, better clothes and puts a large amount in a jar to save for them in the future.

A week later the police catch him and arrest him. They find the new "stuff" he bought for the kids as well as the jar of cash he stashed for them. Should the police take that back to return to the bank or should they allow the children to keep it, since it would be inhumane to take away the money and lifestyle they now have? Obviously the man and the family would be 100% liable to return everything to the bank that was stolen. It's not theirs.

The same goes for illegal aliens.  They have committed a crime and have stolen a "citizenship" from those who deserve it more than them. They have stolen from us. They have not contributed fairly, and have broken our laws.  They do not deserve to keep what they have stolen. They stole from those immigrants who have fairly waited in line. They are in debt to them as well.  We should not allow them to keep what they have received illegally. They need to return and acquire what they want In a proper, legal manner.

It is not a matter of cold-hearted opinion that I, along with many feel this way. I wish that I could give every child in America the lifestyle they deserved. We know this is a pursuit that many politicians have, however it is not answered by "opening the flood-gates" and allowing lawlessness.  If everyone could steal what they wanted without consequences, the system of accountability we have would quickly collapse. The same goes for the borders.

What are your thoughts?

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