One of the scariest places in Michigan has now joined haunted forces with one of the scariest days of the year. This year you can spend Friday the 13th trying to escape from the haunted Eloise Asylum.

Eloise Asylum, the popular haunted attraction in Westland, will be launching a new state-of-the-art, high-tech escape room called Escape the Asylum. The latest addition to one of the most haunted locations in Michigan will welcome those craving a new twist on being scared on Friday, May 13th. Coincidence? I think not.

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According to the website, the new not for the faint of heart adventure will be unlike any other.

"After being abandoned for decades Eloise Asylum had sat vacant. Recently someone… or something has moved back in. Many have thought themselves brave enough to explore the ancient, abandoned Asylum; hoping to solve its mysteries. None have returned in one piece. Now you and your intrepid team have found yourselves trapped in a padded cell with no hope of escape… will you become its next victims or will you emerge from THE ASYLUM"

Those brave enough to accept the challenge will have 60 minutes to work as a team to discover clues, try to solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks throughout the innovative and horrific multiple rooms, beginning with a padded cell.  Teams can be from 4 to 10 people.

According to a press release, the team at Eloise Asylum put major effort into making sure the design of the latest "scare" was top-notch. They relied on state-of-the-art FX, lighting, and animatronics, and used projection mapping technology to help make the experience seem more realistic.

“Escape The Asylum is truly a next-level escape room,” Matt Herzog, one of the owners and operators of Escape the Asylum told Click on Detroit. “Our goal is to make guests feel like they are in a thriller movie from the time they enter the escape room to the time they leave.”

To book a chance to be scared sh@#less, click here.

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