Seventy-three million Americans and counting, including over 2.6 million Michiganders believe that the 2020 general election was stolen by the Democratic Party, the media, big Tech, Hollywood and major corporation in which President Trump fought hard against for the American people.  More and more evidence is coming to the surface, the problem is the mainstream manipulative News (MSMN) is refusing to report the news.

For example, as the News site Townhall is reporting:

“The turnout numbers are odd in some states, like Wisconsin, which hit 89 percent. Now, is that figure impossible? No. Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel did the math, but it’s highly improbable given the turnout rates in the surrounding areas. It would require 900,000 people showing up for same-day registrations.”

More to come, check out President Trump lawyer Sydney Powell’s interview Sunday morning with Maria Bartiromo's on Fox's Sunday Morning Futures show:

What can you do?  Start contacting your Board of State Canvassers, State Representative, State Senator and demand that they call for a full audit of Michigan's vote before they certify that vote.  At the very minimum, they should audit the paper ballots to the vote-counting machines that used software produced by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.  It is being reported that according to a brochure for Dominion, Michigan is ranked one of its major vendors with 48 counties utilizing its election software.

Michigan has a Board of State Canvassers that certify each election.  Once the certification occurs there is no turning back.  It is my understanding that if the Board of Canvassers has a tie on certification of the vote the decision would move to the Michigan legislature.  The current Members of that board is made up of 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans and they are:

Chair: Jeannette Bradshaw - Democrat
Vice-Chair: Aaron Van Langevelde - Republican
Norman D. Shinkle - Republican
Julie Matuzak - Democrat

The Board of Canvassers can be contacted via the Bureau of Elections by:
Mailing address: Michigan Department of State, Lansing, MI 48918

You can also call Michigan’s House Speaker Lee Chatfield at 517-373-2629 or email him at and also contact Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey at 517-373-5932 or email him at  Ask them for a full audit of the votes before they certify the vote for the state of Michigan.

You should also immediately contact your state Representative and Senator.  To find out who that is and what number to call and email address to send to click on the following link:

Do not wait we must have confidence in our election system and with what transpired on November the 3rd no honest person can believe we do.

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