A surprisingly violent elderly couple is on the run after a brazen midday drugstore robbery.

It was just before 1 PM on a Thursday afternoon in March at a CVS drugstore in University Heights Ohio when a regular day got weird fast.  The manager of the CVS store noticed an older woman giving herself a 5 finger discount according to Cleveland.com,

A woman, about 65 years of age, was seen stealing $85 worth of merchandise by concealing items in her purse. When the manager confronted the woman as she was walking out the door, the woman struck the manager with her cane.

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The manager was able to grab the theft suspect's purse during the beat down he was receiving.  That led to another surprising development.  Her alleged getaway driver, a man about 60 years of age, jumps out of a dark-colored Buick Enclave, pushes the manager, and grabs the woman's purse back.  That's when Bonnie and Clyde jump in the Buick and jet.

The two elderly suspects got away with an estimated $85 in stolen goods from the pharmacy.  Meanwhile, the store manager suffered minor injuries to one of his arms and a bruised ego.  The only thing not surprising about this story is the use of a Buick as a getaway car for their age group.

It's unclear if the police will consider the use of a cane "armed robbery," but they are investigating the incident.  There's no word on if they have any leads on the suspects' identity at this time.

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