OK- So on one hand I guess it was good, at least at first to hear members of the Obama administration talk with such confidence and bravado about how ready we are to take on Ebola and other infectious diseases. And it’s almost impossible to get the virus anyway and even if you did we can handle it. At some point as you can tell the comments turned to outright unrestrained arrogance to the point of being frankly ridiculous.

Minutes later the whole ‘we’ve got this handled’ idea was turned on it’s head by a single New York Times reporter who dismembered the entire notion. I guess he didn’t care anymore about good tickets to the White House Christmas party - believe it or not he actually cared more about the truth. Weird I know but it gets even stranger. He kept going on point after point on how the administration had failed to even secure the Dallas apartment filled with contaminated bedding, clothes and who knows what else after coming into contact with America’s first confirmed Ebola patient. Now it seems more than 100 other people have been exposed and Thomas Eric Duncan’s family has been put on a forced (read guns to your head- for real- here) quarantine.

At the same time Hazmat teams covered in their protective suits, gear and helmets were finally getting the apartment cleaned out properly. What I cannot figure out is why they need the suits. I mean after all every single government agent said you pretty much can’t catch Ebola unless you ingest bodily fluids from a patient showing symptoms directly (for the record I did not and do not buy this silly idea).

Meanwhile there was an Ebola scare at Howard University and another possible Ebola patient taken off a plane in New Jersey. And the guys on the tarmac in Jersey were dressed… you guessed it… head to toe in Hazmat suits. I’m sure the passengers on that United flight remain unconcerned about their own health because the Obama administration told them there is ‘nothing’ to worry about.

At what point does the American public say enough already and demand no more flights from West Africa and no more arrogant speeches from a crew that couldn’t even secure a low budget apartment in Dallas.

This leaves only one more critical question. Is the Obama administration defending the public health of America to your satisfaction?