Covid-19 cases continue to rise across the United States, with some states shutting down businesses again. Michigan certainly is not as bad as some states are right now, Florida, Texas, California, and Arizona are really feeling the pressure of new cases, and are the major Covid-19 Hot Spots.

Currently as of today (7/17) Michigan has 71,842 confirmed cases and 6,101 Covid-19 deaths. Our latest daily numbers show 645 new confirmed cases, and 16 new deaths. The governor has had to make face coverings mandatory when indoors in the public, and has pulled way back on bars. Harpers in East Lansing has been in the news the past few weeks. 22 cases were initially reported from Harpers, that later grew to 186 infections. Now state officials are looking into why so many cases originated from there.

Michigan liquor regulators want an East Lansing bar to answer questions about a coronavirus outbreak that infected 186 people and was a factor in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to halt indoor service at establishments that chiefly sell alcohol. A hearing scheduled for next week could result in a license suspension or revocation for Harper’s Restaurant and Brewpub, which currently is closed. But the purpose primarily is fact-finding. The outbreak occurred last month, shortly after bars and restaurants could reopen following a month's long shutdown.

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