A young woman goes viral talking about a dangerous moment she experienced at Meijer in East Lansing last week.

On Monday, November 14, a young woman was approached by a woman in a very suspicious way in the parking lot of the Meijer on Lake Lansing Road in East Lansing, Michigan.  As soon as she parked, a woman leaned against her driver's side door and asked for money.

The brief conversation quickly goes from needing money to eat to not needing food but giving the young woman compliments on her appearance.  Then, the strange woman says she needs $40 and insists that the young lady should come to look inside her car.

Something creepy was clearly going on here.  She was likely a target of human trafficking so she decided to upload a video about the situation on TikTok.  Five days later, this video has been viewed 1.2 million times.

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The potential victim of what may have been a human trafficking attempt ended up turning the comments off in the video due to a large number of negative and hateful comments.  The young woman that goes by @stellatortolini on TikTok uploaded an update video explaining that she called the police. However, she feels that call was not very promising.  She goes on to explain that she hopes people can learn from her mistakes on how to handle a situation like this so they can be safe.


We covered a viral TikTok back in January of this year involving a young woman in East Lansing woman dodging what appeared to be a human trafficking scam.  Her video has been viewed nearly 10 million times.  You can check out that full story by clicking here.

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