Last week, a fan of Top Thrill Dragster decided to pay his respects to the ride.

In an announcement on September 6th, 2022, Cedar Point stated that Top Thrill Dragster, "as you know it," is being retired. Top Thrill Dragster was in operation for 19 seasons and was closed after a piece of the ride came loose and struck a rider waiting in line.

Now the big question that everyone is pondering is what will actually happen to Top Thrill Dragster? Will it be modified? Will Cedar Point tear it down completely? We really don't know for sure based on that announcement. With terms like "as you know it" and "creating a new and reimagined ride experience," we will just have to wait and see.

Either way, we have to say goodbye to Top Thrill Dragster and I feel like this is a great way. Thanks to Xavier Vaughn for posting this! Click here to watch the video.


Chris Monroe
Chris Monroe

So what do you think will happen? A co-worker of mine wants to see them add another one hundred feet on the top and turn it into a dual-track race-type coaster. I on the other hand have a different idea.

I would like to see not only Top Thrill Dragster removed, but also Iron Dragon and Rougarou. That would free up a great space for an amazing coast in the park. They could add something record-breaking there for sure. Maybe something like the Hagrids roller coaster in Orlando. That would be sweet.

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