Dr. Wayne Winegarden is a Senior Fellow at Business and Economics, Pacific Research Institute.


Need A Cure For The Arrogance Of Drug Price Control Advocates


Steve Gruber: And there's a title to an article you wrote we need a cure for the arrogance of drug price control Advocate please explain

Dr. Wayne Winegarden: One of the things I feel is left out of the conversation is that the debate is really up to the patients. Many patients out there that don't have an effective treatment. And when we start putting on price controls. And if you go "oh well we can give up innovation." There was one congressman that said we can save $345 Billion but we will have go give up 8-15 treatments. I am not willing to make that trade off. The point I was trying to make is those 8-15 treatments mean everything to patients or families who are living with diseases that don't have a treatment right now. And so what we are talking about when we talk about price controls is denying cures or denying effective treatment to patients who don't have one right now.

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