Dr. George Farag  is an expert in U.S. immigrant and non-immigrant visa policy. He served as a Diplomat and Consular Officer at high-risk American embassies, including Iraq and Lebanon, and decided on thousands of visa applications. In his current role, Dr. Farag provides expertise on the process for almost every visa applicant coming to the US from the Middle East. This includes over 3 million applicants in 11 countries.


Trump’s Travel Bans Are A Diplomatic Tool, Not A Racial Weapon.


Steve Gruber: Doctor welcome to the program
Dr. George Farag: Hi, Steve, thank you for having me on this good to talk to you
Steve Gruber: oGod to have you here and let's talk about this little bit you say. that Trump's travel Bans are a diplomatic tool not a racial. Weapon, please explain right?
Dr. George Farag: Well from my perspective travel Bans are diplomatic tools used to pursue foreign policy objectives. They have been described as lacking any clear policy goals Beyond racism and bigotry but I disagree with that and that type of rhetoric is obscuring. I think a complex reality. Let's look at the facts on the ground and how different travel Bans are being used in different countries. All right and Syria, for example, we have unfunded how we have an unfriendly. And as you know, the country has been ravaged by Civil War for the past eight plus years in addition to that you have terrorists in and and Syria not to mention.

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