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We all have to understand that most of our media is biased and agenda driven before we can understand that the media attempts to form opinions about people to push their bias and agenda’s, or at the very least their ratings.

I have been in talk radio for about 8 years now and I did not start out thinking or believing that most of the media was bias.  After all of the research I have performed over the years I have to admit I was very surprised to find out how bias, for whatever reason, most of the media is.  If you studied them like I do you would be just as surprised.

That is why it has been my goal to advise all of you about this problem. I have said for years that our frustration should not be entirely directed towards the politicians.  The democrat politicians are only doing what the press will allow them to do.  If the media were to treat the democrat politicians as hard and many times as badly as they do the Republican politicians, the democrats would not be doing many of the things they are doing.  Or at least they would not be getting away with many of the things they say and do.

As an example, Real Clear Politics has an audio speech of a Black Pastor who said:

I went in to the meeting somewhat prejudicial. I went in with an opinion of him that had been formed through media portrayal.   In that meeting, I made direct and pointed questions, questions about race and race relations and I received very direct answers from Mr. Trump that erased all of my preconceptions. He told me at that meeting that he was very concerned with the condition that our country was in and the direction that our country was proceeding in. And he asked us simply, to pray for him. I would that you guys pray for me, that God gives me wisdom and leads me in the right direction in my decision making processes.  To be honest, I went away with a very different perception and a very different opinion of Mr. Donald Trump

Click on the hotlink above and hear it for yourself.

I have encountered many listeners over the years that once they met me they would say something like, you are different then I thought you would be.  I asked them what they thought I would be like, many replied not as nice, thoughtful and caring.   I asked them why they would think that, they replied because you are a conservative radio talk show host and pundit.

Try not judge people on what you think they would be like or what the media tells you.  Remember most of the media has a very left bias and agenda and they will do whatever it takes to bring someone not in their “tent” down.  They will also do whatever it takes to protect those who are in their “tent”.

I have witnessed it, reported on it and have been a victim of it.

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