According to a report by the San Francisco Gate and the Daily Caller, a Berkeley California man died last December after an ambulance and paramedics were delayed an hour because of an Black Lives Matters protest in the city.

The man, 62-year-old Alvin Henry Jones Jr., would have normally received treatment in minutes.

“However, due to a nearby #BlackLivesMatters protest, paramedics were instead ordered to go to a local fire station and await a police escort before attempting to rescue Jones,” the Daily Caller reported.

The Daily Caller noted that “it took 52 minutes to get Jones to a hospital, after which he died two days later.  Paperwork filed by the Berkeley Fire Department lists the delay as an “unusual occurrence” which “affect[ed] patient care.”

Now, those of you who believe the paramedics can be accused of being overly cautious, the San Francisco Gate noted that “protesters had been attacking police, and that less than an hour after Jones’ 911 call, protesters attacked a man with a hammer after he attempted to stop them from looting a Radio Shack. Berkeley’s fire chief also said there were instances where Berkeley fireman have been pelted with rocks and bottles, and that it wouldn’t be accurate to assume they’d automatically be greeted by protesters 'with open arms.'”

Oh, by the way, according to the Daily Caller, “This isn’t the first time a #BlackLivesMatter protest has delayed emergency care. An ambulance was forced to divert from a Boston trauma center in January after protesters blocking the I-93 refused to let it pass.”

Should the Black Lives Matter group who organized this protest be charged with some type of crime?

What if this man was your father, brother, uncle, friend?

Do only Black Lives Matter?

Why can these groups protest civilly?

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